quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2011


Present the above mentioned police officers stating that the car passed with the Civil Police when they were approached by the victim who claimed to have been a robbery nearby, who followed in the direction where the robbers had fled, having success in locating two individuals on the Street "City Santos, "Margarida Vila. with the adolescent ANTONY was seized a fake gun at the waist, used in the crime, and was seized as Kaique the victim's wallet. Both teenagers were shown the victim acknowledged that without a doubt. Requested the presence of relatives of adolescents, drawn to the arrest for juvenile delinquents, both referred to a special cell under the Police Headquarters of San Vicente, the simulacrum seized for examination and portfolio with documents and money (Twenty-seven dollars) given to victim. Nothing more.

(Report written by the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

domingo, 10 de julho de 2011


Present the couple in this police station, stating that several boys between twelve and fifteen years, surrounded the car of one victim and put the gun in the car driver's head and threatening, subtract Julia's purse and wallet from Renato. In the bag contained: magnetic cards, social security number, permanent visa, CNH, thirty dollars. In the portfolio of Renato: CNH, CRLV MOTORCYCLE YBR, ANN 0756/Diadema board, and twenty-six dollars. Then the gang escaped on foot and by bicycle. The weapon used was a revolver. Nothing more.

Police report by scribe Valdemar Mota de Menezes


Police report by scribe Valdemar Mota de Menezes

The victim appears in this duty policeman, was reporting that was on a bus tour of the World Church of the Power of God and at one point the victim went to banhieiro, leaving her purse on the seat and back, he noticed that her purse had been stolen. In the bag contained: RG, magnetic cards, Bible, cell phone, one hundred dollars, CPF. nothing else.


Police report by scribe Valdemar Mota de Menezes

Join us in this duty, the victim described above, stating that passed through the scene, when two men approached him, being one of them with a knife in his hand, and subtract the victim's your bike, a mobile backpack with white uniform, with portfolio the following documents: ID, SSN, Voter Registration, two hundred and fifty dollars. Then fled in the victim's bicycle. Victim-oriented look at the photo albums of this station. Nothing more.


Attends the victim in this precinct of Police, stating that passing by on his bicycle when he was surrounded by three individuals who were on two bikes. One made a gesture of being armed, putting his hand on the waist of the victim and demanded his bicycle, mobile phone and wallet. Soon the trio fled cim victim's belongings. Contained in the wallet: ID, protocol Army, PFC and Voter stitute. Nothing more.


Police report by scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

The victim in this duty, stating that he was walking when a man approached appearing 23 years, and with a weapon in hand (probably a knife) took away the victim's purse and absconded mounted on a bicycle. In the bag contained: RG, one hundred and sixty reais, Food Stamps on behalf of Elias Marcelino and Motorola. Victim-oriented look at the photo albums of this station. Nothing more.


The victim in this duty, stating that he was talking with a friend when a man approached on a bicycle and suddenly yanked the gold chain he was the victim's neck, and then absconded mounted on the bicycle. Victim-oriented look at the photo albums of this station. Current real valued at eight hundred, and there a crucifix and a four-pointed star. nothing else

police report, filed by Valdemar Mota de Menezes


Present employees Luluilui Stores Magazine, stating that the Evertony and security company hired Engearmy, and Paul Antony is manager of the store. It turns out that the last date when the store was already closed, knocked on the door, looking for James seller who had it marked with the purchase of a refrigerator. The security guard James confirmed with the seller, if he waited for a customer, James said yes, and Evertony also contacted the Paul (manager) and this allowed to open the shop door. When the individual entered the store, instead of going toward the James, it has already pulled a gun, gave up the security Evertony took the gun from the waistband of security and more into two thieves. were the three ninjas with caps, and after surrendering employees and customers gathered in the people around the table manager and then led everyone to the first floor. Reported that there was a robbery, ordered all large cell phones on the floor and then tied all with plastic seals.

Then one of them asked Paul to take them to the safe in the treasury. In the treasury has two vaults, one, the work Mary had access, and this was opened and removed from all values. Then the thieves removed the second safe, which was like snapdragon, weighing about two hundred pounds. What went down with this box, wrapped with tape and then took off. A customer was forced to help them and take the safe out of the store, as this client was not qualified, it was a Palio Weekend, silver, or white, not plate noted. That the manager has a panic button, but there was no way it drives, because the device was in a drawer. The company has closed-circuit monitoring, which will then undertake to introduce them to this station. The values ​​of the two stolen safes still be accounted for by an audit. That company was subtracted Engearmy Taurus revolver, 38 caliber, equip, and a ballistic vest of the company. Of all the employees and customers were stolen phones. After the gang escape, all managed to come off (about thirty), and trigger the military police, who raided the neighborhood, but failed to find the gang. Nothing more.

Police report, filed by Valdemar Mota de Menezes