segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2011


Attends the victim stating that this duty through fraud, criminals to withdraw cash from your account the amount of R $ 6,170.45, bank transfer in the amount of $ 2,000.00, and also gave a loan of R $ 26,750.00. The coup was held from 16 to 23/12. Nothing more.



Join us at this police station the victim, stating that during the early hours of this day, someone went inside his residence, without breaking or damaging doors or windows from inside the house and stole the wallet of the victim, who was in the pocket of a pair of shorts. In the portfolio contained: one thousand and one hundred dollars, CNH, magnetic and CEF stores, voter's card. CRLV end plate of the vehicle 3566/Santos. sound of the vehicle, Buster brand. Nothing more.

Text recorded by: Mota Valdemir Escriva de Menezes

domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011


The Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes recorded this occurrence:

Attend duty in informing the victim that: entered in his house on the date of yesterday, probably knowing where the victim kept the key of the house and taking advantage of his absence, stole: Notebook, two DVD player, a video game, Tree gifts Christmas and cosmetics. The thief left the key in place, with no break in the driveway. Nothing more.


The Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes recorded this occurrence:

Appears, the military police Mendes, , stating that was triggered by the party, Aniza, arriving on the scene the same contending with the Franklin, both claimed to be the owner of a bicycle Bike Wend, 26 rim, black. One accuses the other of trying to subtract the other bike. As neither party has established the same property, the police authority ordered the seizure of the object to further investigate the facts. Nothing more.

quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2011


Join us this duty police the victim, stating that he left his motorcycle parked inside and out Extra Supermarket, found that thieves tried to steal his motorcycle, popping the kernels of the key. Vehicle condition was not working. nothing else

Incidents recorded by the scribe: Valdemir Mota de Menezes

We thank Jesus for helping us in day-to-day


Join us in this call police, the military policeman, Black RE 123455555-2, stating that the radio was triggered by the Central Police realize that there was a vehicle abandoned in place for a few days. In arriving at the address listed, conducted research that consisted of plate and the vehicle was stolen as BO 16dd/11 the Fifth Police District of Santos. Victim attended this station, whom the police authority has determined that the delivery was carried out of the vehicle. Nothing more.

Incidents recorded by the scribe: Valdemir Mota de Menezes

We thank Jesus for helping us in day-to-day


Appears in this police station, the representative of the Cooperative in the Cooperative Coop stating that the city center, four individuals broke the seal and four stolen laptops, the brands: Sony Vaio, HP, CCE and Infinity. Which one of the members of criminal group distracted the clerk, so that the other members to effect the theft. Any criminal activity recorded in this monitoring circuit of the lodge. Nothing more.

Incidents recorded
by the scribe: Valdemir Mota de Menezes

God have mercy on us

quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011


Ocurrence recorded by scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Join us THIS DUTY POLICE, Nurse Alice, stating that upon arriving at today's date at the health district, realized that thieves had entered through the side door, break through, and subtract the interior, two computers complete with all devices (mouse, surge protector, keyboard, monitor), and several nursing material such as scissors and tweezers. Powered expertise to the site, being highlighted by the expert Gurabin bead 220998. Nothing more.

My comment: Why people do not speak out against anti-social attitudes such as this? Who steals or destroys property of Health Unit, should be sentenced to death.

sexta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2011


Questo evento è stato registrato dallo scriba Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Unisciti a noi in questa chiamata la polizia, i militari di polizia Ana Paula, che informa che il vostro viaggio richiesto al luogo dei fatti, che si è riunita con la vittima a terra ferito e soccorso dalla stessa ambulanza SAMU. E 'stato trovato con la vittima che è stato avvicinato da tre individui, uno dei quali armato di pistola e ha preso la bicicletta elettrica motorizzata, orlo 17, telaio 13544. I due individui erano in moto, con tavole non informato, e fuggì in ordine ignorato. La vittima è sotto osservazione presso l'Ospedale Municipale. Niente di più.


Incidents recorded
by police Valdemir Mota de Menezes (year 2012, janvier)

Join us this duty military police officer Schiavolin RE 138827-4 stating that it was triggered by passers-by in possession of a bag, which had been found abandoned on public roads. In this call the police found the owner of the bag that came to record the occurrence of theft. According to the victim, it was inside his vehicle in the passenger seat, with her husband and toward her son in the backseat, when three people, apparently reached 12 to 13 years, one of them with guns, beating on the glass the car, ordered Jose Roberto, husband of Geovania deliver the alliance, as well as Geovania gave his covenant which also featured on the finger, the more the bag. Then, the band escaped by bike towards Bitaru. The bag was recovered by the military police, but missing inside: 2 phones (a Nokia and an MP9), and ten reais.Bolsa handed the victim with documents. Victim-oriented look at photo albums of this station. nothing else

This occurrence
was recorded by the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Join us this duty police victims, stating that passing cars at the scene, when he had to slow down due to a speed reducer (spine) and right now, about four individuals approached the car, which stopped on the side of driver was armed and surrendered the victims. The robbers demanded purses, cell phones and alliance. The Valdemar gave inside wallet containing ID, credit cards, CNH, Voter Registration, Social Security number. Adriana, who was in the passenger seat handed his wallet which contained credit cards, CNH, and twenty dollars. Then the gang fled to an alley. Victims told to examine the photographic albums of the police station 2 S Vicente. Nothing more.


Writted by scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

The victim appears on duty police officer, who was being treated in Santa Casa de Praia Grande, and there removed his wallet out of the bag for your document. It turns out that you saved the wallet, but a few minutes later when he was looking at the bag, the wallet was gone, having the victim left her purse unattended for an instant. In the portfolio contained three hundred real, Bankcard Itau, Bradesco, Card and Board Transportation Citizen. Nothing more.

quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2011


Été enregistrées par le scribe Valdemir Mota Menezes

La victime apparaît sur officier de police de service, qui était au volant de sa moto à la scène, quand s'arrêter à un feu rouge, deux individus arrivés à pied et l'un d'eux a attiré un pistolet et dit à la victime: «perdue, il a été! ». Bientôt, celui-ci était armé, a grimpé sur la moto de la victime, et s'est enfui. Le second individu s'est enfui à pied. Alerte à Central de Police rapporté au nombre 130, le opérateur Isael. Rien de plus.

quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011


That the deponent was driven via radio to meet occurrence in a paper where a customer has several credit recharge for mobile phones and in the end the customer does not have the money. It was found that the local client called Renata had received call saying she had won a TV award, falling into a scam, reported in the media too. If presented for registration in the precinct of occurrence.

quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2011


Attends a police station in this feminine Sandra, stating that it was informed via radio that there had been a theft in the region, soon after effected patrolling and have succeeded in finding an individual with the characteristics reported by radio and the sight of him, the adolescent offender threw the bike down and ran, climbing on roofs of houses, but was soon captured on Forty Street, with Two Street, on the trail the teenager left the murder weapon on the roof, this weapon was recovered with two ammunition cutoff.

In contact with the victim reported that it was stopped when the vehicle approached a boy bike and it showed a gun and demanded the two GPS that was the view that the victim tried to leave with the truck, at which time the teenager made two shots from a firearm, but the weapon failed. Fears, the victim handed over the two GPS and helper of the truck that had delivered thirty reais in your wallet. The teen fled by bicycle, at which time the victim called the police and the police soon apprehended the teenager. That the victims recognized the teen offender without a doubt being with the guy who just steal the GPS carrier.

In flight the teenager fired the GPS, the same not being recovered, only thirty dollars were recovered and handed over to Bruno. View of the facts the police authority has determined the transcription of the arrest of offending adolescent. Nothing more.

sábado, 10 de setembro de 2011


Record written by scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes Join us in this duty by informing the victim that was in a bus stop when a woman approached, appearing to be a drug user, and how the victim did not care, because it is a woman, not considering the dangerous, was inattentive. Only after she leaves the place is that the victim realized that she had subtracted three magnetic bank, and over one hundred and seventy dollars. Nothing more.

sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011


Attends military police officer identified above stating that during patrol spotted a parked motorcycle and without the plate, which drew the attention of the garrison. In search of the chassis numbering charged with being the product of theft in the city of Maresias, on September 4, 2011, as the second DP XXXX/11 BO S Sebastian. Vehicle impounded and sent to the patio. It is surprising that at the time the bike was placed on the winch, the alarm went off and did not appear damaged kernels. Nothing more.


Record written by the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes
"The world without God, is evil."

Attends the call informing the victim who was walking when he was approached by two individuals on bicycles and one of them pulled a gun from his waist, and ordered the victim to deliver the phone. That the victim did not resist and gave a Nextel 78202SS, model i465. Then escaped from unhurried. Victim-oriented look at photo albums of this station. nothing else

Present the victim in police duty, stating that walking by the scene, when two individuals approached hooded jacket in the head and one of them showed a gun in his waistband and the victim after searching, found the Nextel (id 44 * 2142) and subtract. Then the pair escaped in an aluminum bike. Nothing more.


Victim attends this duty police officer, who was sitting at the bus stop, waiting for the collective, when he was approached by two individuals in a green bicycle, one of them showed a gun in his waistband, and the victim handed the phone he had in hand. Then the pair absconded. Victim-oriented look at the photo albums of this station. Nothing more.

sexta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2011


Ha frequentato la vittima in servizio di polizia, affermando che stava camminando quando è stato fermato da una coppia. Il ragazzo ha preso da dietro la vittima e la donna ha rubato portafogli della vittima. La vittima era preso a calci e pugni ha preso, mentre il terreno è rimasto ferito, i due sono fuggiti a piedi. Dopo essere stati trattati presso l'Ospedale Municipale, la vittima è venuto a registrare rapporto della polizia. Contenute nel portafogli: ID (Identity Register), schede magnetiche, numero di previdenza sociale, distintivo dell'azienda, e sedici di reais. Vittima orientata guardare gli album fotografici di questa stazione di polizia. Niente di più.

Questa storia, lo scriba di Valdemar Mota Menezes registrato stazione di polizia


Join us in this duty police the victim, stating that he was driving his vehicle by Av Monteiro Lobato, when reducing the speed to go through a spine, a motorcycle stopped in front of the car and the pillion fell, headed for the driver of Fiat / Palio and sent it out of the car. The thief entered the vehicle and absconded, accompanied by motorcycle, the victim can not describe the brand, but know it was dark in color. The Certificate of Licensing in the vehicle stolen. Alert past the Central Police number 309 operator Adrian. Nothing more.

This story of the scribe Valdemir Mota Menezes registered at police station


This story of the scribe Valdemir Mota Menezes registered at police station

The victim in this duty, stating that oversight works, the company Travel and Tourism LIFE during the night and about three individuals entered the company, over the wall and giving the guard. What were some members of the gang with a gun and another with a knife. The guard was about an hour dominated by one in the kitchen while the other two stole the bus. Thieves stole five buses of the five devices tachographs and the concomitant DVD players from their bus. The guard was tied up with electrical wires. After a group of thieves go, jumping out the guard, as was also with his feet tied, and enlisted the help of another guard on the side of a company. Then attended the Military Police and can see that the guard took another hit: A phone, a bike, CNH, RG, CPF, magnetic cards and twenty dollars. Victim-oriented look at the photo albums of this station. nothing else

terça-feira, 16 de agosto de 2011


Present the victim identified above, stating that he was walking when he was approached by three individuals and one of them drew a weapon, a knife and struck a blow on his left knee, the victim fell to the ground, and stole his wallet. It contained: Functional Military Police, two hundred and fifty reais and various magnetic cards. Then, the gang fled on foot towards President Wilson Av. Victim-oriented look at the photo albums of this station. Nothing more,

Writed by scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011


Writed by scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes:

The victim in this duty, stating that as of today, to go shopping, he was informed that his credit card had no credit. What to get the bank statement, he realized he had withdrawn more than two thousand dollars. That the victim has already canceled the card, believing that it was cloned. Nothing more.


Testimonios recogidos por el escribano Valdemir Mota de Menezes
Presentar a la víctima en el servicio policial, indicando que el vehículo estacionado en el lugar y se dirigió a la cajuela del vehículo para obtener material de publicidad y volver a la parte delantera del coche, se dio cuenta de que el teléfono inteligente que era en el salpicadero del vehículo había sido robado. La víctima también vio a dos adolescentes en bicicleta, pero no estaba seguro que eran los mismos que robaron el dispositivo. Víctima es incapaz de reconocer a los adolescentes, pues los viodesde la parte posterior. Nada más.


La victime dans ce devoir, en déclarant qu'il se promenait à l'époque il y avait une panne d'électricité dans le quartier et bientôt après, vu l'approche de deux individus, l'un d'eux a déclaré que leur partenaire était armé et que la victime était de livrer la cellule . Que la victime a remis le téléphone et les deux côtés s'éloigna. Quels sont incapables de reconnaître les individus photographiquement parce qu'il était noir. Le téléphone est volé est un Nokia, rouge, opérateur de OI
Témoignage recueilli par le scribe Valdemir Mota Menezes


Le vittime in questo compito, affermando che essi stavano in macchina, quando c'erano due persone su una moto, una moto è venuto con casco en la testa, e con una pistola in mano, chiedendo che gli occupanti lasciare l'auto. L'individuo altro era sulla moto, non essendo considerato dalla vittima, il consiglio della moto, solo posso dire che si tratta di una Honda / Titan, argento a colori. Che l'individuo che sono entrati nella macchina fuggito, scortato da partner di moto. Che la vettura contenente tasche delle vittime.

Borsa di Elisabetta contenuti: CNH, RG, carte magnetiche di diverse banche, 140 reais, un libretto degli assegni del Banco Santander, due bicchieri, distintivo funzionale Ospedale Guilherme Alvaro, numero di previdenza sociale, conducente del Consiglio regionale, e un telefono cellulare la vittima operatore Tim Mariza aveva rubato la borsa, così come il pavimento della vettura anteriore sul lato passeggero. Nel sacchetto conteneva: RG, CRLV auto GNL 6373/Santos carte, schede magnetiche, documento di assicurazione, due telefoni, di Tim e un altro della Claro, due bicchieri, CNH e circa 120 reais. Le vittime non sono in grado di riconoscere i ladri, perché indossavano il casco. Niente di più.
Testimonianza preso dallo scriba Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Le vittime in questo compito, affermando che ha lasciato il servizio a quest'ora della notte, quando sono stati avvicinati da una coppia su una moto di marca Strada, il nero, e groppa, una donna, un assalto, lasciando il guidatore moto, con un oggetto in vita, che le vittime non sanno che era in realtà un'arma da fuoco. Che le vittime consegnato le loro borse e la coppia fuggito senza avere il consiglio ha preso atto delle moto. Borsa di Ana contenuta: il numero ID, due telefoni, carte bancarie, RG loro due figli, la registrazione degli elettori, VR carta, e 150 reai. Borsa di Giuliana contenuti: ID, la registrazione degli elettori, CPF, chiavi, tessere magnetiche, telefoni cellulari e 32 reai. I criminali sono stati i caschi non può essere riconosciuto. nient'altro


Comparecio la víctima en este servicio, indicando que estaba el supermercado Extra, cuando estacionó su coche GM/Corsa cuando fue abordado por un individuo que anunció el robo y le exigió su cartera. Que después de tomar la cartera, el individuo huyó montado en una bicicleta. Contenia en la cartera: CNH, documentación del coche CRLV placas OJO 7616, tarjetas bancarias, y 300 reales. nada más
Testimonios recogidos por el escribano Valdemir Mota de Menezes

quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2011


Present the above mentioned police officers stating that the car passed with the Civil Police when they were approached by the victim who claimed to have been a robbery nearby, who followed in the direction where the robbers had fled, having success in locating two individuals on the Street "City Santos, "Margarida Vila. with the adolescent ANTONY was seized a fake gun at the waist, used in the crime, and was seized as Kaique the victim's wallet. Both teenagers were shown the victim acknowledged that without a doubt. Requested the presence of relatives of adolescents, drawn to the arrest for juvenile delinquents, both referred to a special cell under the Police Headquarters of San Vicente, the simulacrum seized for examination and portfolio with documents and money (Twenty-seven dollars) given to victim. Nothing more.

(Report written by the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

domingo, 10 de julho de 2011


Present the couple in this police station, stating that several boys between twelve and fifteen years, surrounded the car of one victim and put the gun in the car driver's head and threatening, subtract Julia's purse and wallet from Renato. In the bag contained: magnetic cards, social security number, permanent visa, CNH, thirty dollars. In the portfolio of Renato: CNH, CRLV MOTORCYCLE YBR, ANN 0756/Diadema board, and twenty-six dollars. Then the gang escaped on foot and by bicycle. The weapon used was a revolver. Nothing more.

Police report by scribe Valdemar Mota de Menezes


Police report by scribe Valdemar Mota de Menezes

The victim appears in this duty policeman, was reporting that was on a bus tour of the World Church of the Power of God and at one point the victim went to banhieiro, leaving her purse on the seat and back, he noticed that her purse had been stolen. In the bag contained: RG, magnetic cards, Bible, cell phone, one hundred dollars, CPF. nothing else.


Police report by scribe Valdemar Mota de Menezes

Join us in this duty, the victim described above, stating that passed through the scene, when two men approached him, being one of them with a knife in his hand, and subtract the victim's your bike, a mobile backpack with white uniform, with portfolio the following documents: ID, SSN, Voter Registration, two hundred and fifty dollars. Then fled in the victim's bicycle. Victim-oriented look at the photo albums of this station. Nothing more.


Attends the victim in this precinct of Police, stating that passing by on his bicycle when he was surrounded by three individuals who were on two bikes. One made a gesture of being armed, putting his hand on the waist of the victim and demanded his bicycle, mobile phone and wallet. Soon the trio fled cim victim's belongings. Contained in the wallet: ID, protocol Army, PFC and Voter stitute. Nothing more.


Police report by scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

The victim in this duty, stating that he was walking when a man approached appearing 23 years, and with a weapon in hand (probably a knife) took away the victim's purse and absconded mounted on a bicycle. In the bag contained: RG, one hundred and sixty reais, Food Stamps on behalf of Elias Marcelino and Motorola. Victim-oriented look at the photo albums of this station. Nothing more.


The victim in this duty, stating that he was talking with a friend when a man approached on a bicycle and suddenly yanked the gold chain he was the victim's neck, and then absconded mounted on the bicycle. Victim-oriented look at the photo albums of this station. Current real valued at eight hundred, and there a crucifix and a four-pointed star. nothing else

police report, filed by Valdemar Mota de Menezes


Present employees Luluilui Stores Magazine, stating that the Evertony and security company hired Engearmy, and Paul Antony is manager of the store. It turns out that the last date when the store was already closed, knocked on the door, looking for James seller who had it marked with the purchase of a refrigerator. The security guard James confirmed with the seller, if he waited for a customer, James said yes, and Evertony also contacted the Paul (manager) and this allowed to open the shop door. When the individual entered the store, instead of going toward the James, it has already pulled a gun, gave up the security Evertony took the gun from the waistband of security and more into two thieves. were the three ninjas with caps, and after surrendering employees and customers gathered in the people around the table manager and then led everyone to the first floor. Reported that there was a robbery, ordered all large cell phones on the floor and then tied all with plastic seals.

Then one of them asked Paul to take them to the safe in the treasury. In the treasury has two vaults, one, the work Mary had access, and this was opened and removed from all values. Then the thieves removed the second safe, which was like snapdragon, weighing about two hundred pounds. What went down with this box, wrapped with tape and then took off. A customer was forced to help them and take the safe out of the store, as this client was not qualified, it was a Palio Weekend, silver, or white, not plate noted. That the manager has a panic button, but there was no way it drives, because the device was in a drawer. The company has closed-circuit monitoring, which will then undertake to introduce them to this station. The values ​​of the two stolen safes still be accounted for by an audit. That company was subtracted Engearmy Taurus revolver, 38 caliber, equip, and a ballistic vest of the company. Of all the employees and customers were stolen phones. After the gang escape, all managed to come off (about thirty), and trigger the military police, who raided the neighborhood, but failed to find the gang. Nothing more.

Police report, filed by Valdemar Mota de Menezes

terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2011



O escriba Valdemir Mota de Menezes conta a história de um ladrão que largou na cena do crime uma bicicleta nova que ele conduzia para roubar uma bicicleta velha, quando preso, o escriba interrogou o ladrão porque ele fez aquilo, deixando uma nova e levando uma velha, o ladrão respondeu que ele quis se aproveitar da oportunidade que não tinha ninguém perto. (audio em portugues)

intinto de ladrão


The scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes tells the story of a thief who left at the scene a new bike that he drove to steal an old bike, when arrested, the scribe asked the thief because he did it, leaving a new and taking an old The thief said he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity that no one was around. (Audio in Portuguese)

terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2011


Présence enregistrée par le scribe Valdemir Mota Menezes

Assiste à la victime dans cet officier de police de service, indiquant qu'il était carré, avec son fils quand ils ont approché deux personnes, une de derrière, quelque chose de froid a touché dans le dos de la victime, comme le canon d'un fusil et a demandé la bourse victime. Après avoir soustrait le sac avec la carte d'identité, cartes magnétiques, soixante-deux reais et le PCF au nom de Bruno Henrique de Souza Reis, fils de la victime, les voleurs ont fui, une marche et un vélo. Victime est incapable de les reconnaître parce que les bandits étaient sur ​​les anneaux et le capuchon. Rien de plus.


Occorrenze registrati dallo scriba Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Unisciti a noi nel presente invito affermando che la vittima era alla guida della sua vettura in argento Fiesta Sedan e riducendo la velocità per passare attraverso una colonna vertebrale, un gruppo di persone, circa 10 persone, alcune armate, ha ordinato la vittima di fermare l'auto e la banda era aprendo le porte del veicolo e rubare gli oggetti che erano alla sua portata. Sottratto: Do Bernardino alleanza sottratto, Sylvia sottrarre braccialetto d'oro, Frederico sottrarre due telefoni, un LG e Motorola e l'altro un orologio Mormai. Anche sottrarre dal pannello sullo stereo dell'auto. Poi la banda ha ordinato la vittima a lasciare il posto. Vittime detto di osservare gli album fotografici di due DP S Vincent. Niente di più.


Occurrence recorded by the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Appears stating that the victims were inside the Banco Itau about to make bank deposits, when the agency came into the room, in the area of ATMs, two robbers armed with revolvers and demanding of clients who were in the agency, the money from each. Leandro who gave four envelopes with a total of eight hundred and five real, Bianco has delivered an envelope of two hundred real and more real than three hundred and sixteen were in his pants pocket. Then the robbers escaped on a motorbike, whose characteristics were not described. Both robbers were wearing helmets. In the bank there are security cameras and victims believe a woman who spoke on the phone outside gave coverage to the pack. After the robbery, she left. Nothing more


Occurrence recorded by the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Join us in this duty, the military police Marques, reporting that it was alerted by the victim who was on the street, having said this he stopped their vehicle at the door of his house to open the gate when a vehicle stopped Siena, gray, free plates noted. In the vehicle were five individuals, two down and yielded an armed victim and the other took the wheel and then the gang escaped with the victim's car. Vehicle has insurance, victim-oriented look at the photo albums of this station. Nothing more


Occurrence recorded by the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Attends the victim in this duty, stating that his vehicle was parked at the door of his residence and when he was leaving with the vehicle, he realized that thieves had stolen it. He had no alarm and no insurance. Alert notified Central Cepol number 565 operator Solange. Nothing more.

sábado, 28 de maio de 2011


In this duty police officer, attended the victim, stating that the bus drove collective Piracicabana of Transportation, when two people stepped into the bus and announced the robbery, one of them put his hand under his shirt, pretending to be armed. What other stooge that was subtracted five dollars in cash and escaped on foot. Victim-oriented look at the photo albums of this station. Nothing more

moments later ....

Attends the victim in police call saying it's driver Piracicabana of Transportation and the bus stopped to pick up passengers at the scene when two individuals entered the collective and one of them pretending to be with a gun under his shirt demanded money from the box. The second individual took thirty-five dollars in cash and both escaped on foot. Victim-oriented look at the photo albums of this station. That this duo has stolen three drivers in today's date. Nothing more.

sexta-feira, 13 de maio de 2011


Présent à la victime en station de la police, affirmant qu'il était en voyage avec son scooter, Bis 2008, quand une moto a signal lumineux à l'arrêt de la victime, et elle au regardé, les hommes de la motocycle, comme une CG Honda, descendus de ce véhicule et ordnonné à la victime a sortor de Bis, et un de lui monté sur le scooter et pris la fuite. Alerte communiqués central de police du nombre 201 à opérateur Valeria. A l'intérieur du tronc était portefeuille de la victime contenant chéquier Banco Santander, diverses cartes magnétiques, ID, CNH, certificat d'immatriculation du scooter, ipod et l'insigne de Santander. Rien de plus.

True fait enregistrées par le scribe Valdemir Mota Menezes


Este planton las víctimas informaron que se encontraban en el salón de peluquería cuando dos hombres entraron, uno de ellos mostró un arma de fuego y exigieron las pertenencias de las víctimas. Adriana, propietaria de la sala llevaron: portátil, un teléfono de LG, la cartera con CNH, ID, varias tarjetas de crédito y de banco, un anillo de oro y unos doscientos reales. Gisele tomarón la cartera de la víctima que contiene tarjetas de identificación, tarjetas magnéticas, cerca de setenta reales y un reloj. Víctima Maricule robaron su cartera que contenía plomo de tarjetas de identificación, registro de electores, el certificado de nacimiento de empleo, y las tarjetas. Luego huyó en motociclo que tenían, no miraron las características de la motocicleta. Las víctimas orientadas a examinar los álbumes fotográficos de esta estación. Nada más.



Presente a vítima no plantão informando que na data de ontem estava fechando a Lan House que possui na frente da sua casa, quando chegou três individuos e todos os três armados, anunciaram o assalto, pegaram o dinheiro da carteira da vitima e levaram a vitima para trás do balcão com um fio do mouse e agrediram a vitima dizendo:"E ai tá pensando que vai crescer ladrão???" e desferiu golpes na vitima, um deles ferindo o olho esquerdo. Que em seguida o bando adentraram no interior da residencia, dominaram a esposa da vitima, duas filhas gemeas de um ano e meio e mais uma counhada da vitima. Elas foram trancadas no quarto no pavimento superior. Enquanto isso, o bando subtraiu varios bens como: 1 tv philipps LCD 42 full HD, 1 notebook positivo, 1 notebook HP, 4 computadores c/ moniotres LCD sansumg 19, 1 moniotr LCD 22 samsung, 1 video game Xbox-360, 1 impressora HP, 1 Home Theather Phillips, 2 alianças de ouro, 1 maquina Digital Sony, 1 pendrive Kingsiston, mais oito mil e duzentos reais em espécie, 1 celular nokia de numero 9136xxx, 1 celular samsung de numero 9133xxxxx e um celular Ericksson 917xxxx, ainda levaram o veiculo Toyota Corrola de placas DSB 0000/S Vicente. Em seguida o bando evadiu-se. A vitima após conseguir se soltar, libertou sua familia no andar superior, avisou a policia militar do roubo, sendo dado alerta pela PM do roubo do veiculo e em seguida a vitima procurou por meios proprios socorro médico, sendo liberado e somente nesete ato pode registrar a ocorrência policial. Informa a vitima que não possui inimigos mas que no dia 29 de abril de 2011 houve despacho em processo judicial por danos morais contra o seu antigo patrão, Aaaaa Ddddd Ccccc que constata a acusação frequente do seu antigo patrão de acusar a vitima de ladrão, estranhando a vitima a agressividade dos ladrões e as palavras dirigidas a vitima, chamando-a de ladrão e pensando que vai crescer fácil. Nada mais.

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Policía del Jucidiario Valdemir Mota de Menezes
En el gobierno de Cristo, los ladrones van a sufrir sanciones y castigos extremadamente violento. Alguien que roba o robar el producto del trabajo de los demás no merecen nuestra compasión. Los productores de ovino ha sufrido mucho para crear y luego tomar los bastardos a los ingresos de cada trabajador. Nuestro mundo no lucharía por los derechos de la injusticia que el derecho de quién tiene la razón.

Así roban ovejas en Turquía
25.11.2010 | Dos hombres en moto persiguen un camión que traslada los animales y uno de ellos se sube por detrás con los vehículos en movimiento (YouTube-zappingenlared)

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Evite reagir à um assalto, principalmente quando suas chances de escapar com vida forem remotas. As pessoas devem se preparar mentalmente para o dia do mal. Devemos parar e refletir: Como devo me comportar na hora de um assalto?

Durante 4 anos que trabalhei como escrivão do Dr. Marcod Alexandre Alfino, tivemos importantes lições tiradas do dia-a-dia que nos revelam que muitas das vítimas de latrocínios são os homens valentões e as mulheres histéricas que na hora que verem um arma de fogo faz um escandalo e começam a gritar.

A maioria dos marginais que circulam pelas nossas metrópoles são pessoas inconsequentes e que não tem o menor apreço pela vida alheia, se resistirem ao seu intento de subtrairem o bem móvel da vítima, eles não pensaram duas vezes para apertar o gatilho.

Lamentamos por esta morte, cabe agora a polícia sua ardua tarefa de desvencar mais este crime contra a vida. Resta para os vivos as lições.

Irmã da vítima está revoltada com violência na região
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O corpo da auxiliar administrativa Andréia Silva de Oliveira, de 37 anos, foi enterrado na tarde desta quinta-feira em São Vicente. A funcionária pública foi assassinada na noite de quarta-feira com um tiro na cabeça durante tentativa de roubo no Parque Bitaru.

"Agora é só pedir por justiça", disse outro irmão, Irandy Silva de Oliveira. "Não dá nem para explicar o que a gente sente", disse o marido José Valter de Andrade.

O crime aconteceu na Avenida Capitão Luiz Antônio Pimenta, por volta das 21 horas. Andréia, que é funcionária da Universidade do Estado de São Paulo (Unesp), tinha acabado de sair do trabalho e estava acompanhada de mais três amigas. Duas delas desembarcaram momentos antes do ocorrido.

Ao parar no semáforo, um homem aparentando ter entre 20 e 25 anos, pardo, alto e vestindo uma jaqueta escura e calça jeans, se aproximou do veículo com uma arma em punho anunciando o assalto. Assustada, ela acelerou. Dois tiros foram disparados, um deles, que foi fatal, atingiu-a na nuca. De acordo com a polícia, o assaltante atirou mais uma vez, atingindo um dos pneus do veículo.

A outra mulher que estava com Andrea também se feriu. O veículo acabou subindo no canteiro central e bateu em uma árvore. Em estado de choque e com ferimentos, ela foi encaminhada ao Hospital Municipal de São Vicente, e posteriormente transferida para a Santa Casa de Santos, onde segue internada sem previsão de alta.

A polícia já ouviu as testemunhas e acredita que o assassino seja morador do Parque Bitaru. "Duas testemunhas já foram ouvidas e algumas informações já foram checadas", disse o delegado Marcos Alexandre Alfino.