quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2011


Attends a police station in this feminine Sandra, stating that it was informed via radio that there had been a theft in the region, soon after effected patrolling and have succeeded in finding an individual with the characteristics reported by radio and the sight of him, the adolescent offender threw the bike down and ran, climbing on roofs of houses, but was soon captured on Forty Street, with Two Street, on the trail the teenager left the murder weapon on the roof, this weapon was recovered with two ammunition cutoff.

In contact with the victim reported that it was stopped when the vehicle approached a boy bike and it showed a gun and demanded the two GPS that was the view that the victim tried to leave with the truck, at which time the teenager made two shots from a firearm, but the weapon failed. Fears, the victim handed over the two GPS and helper of the truck that had delivered thirty reais in your wallet. The teen fled by bicycle, at which time the victim called the police and the police soon apprehended the teenager. That the victims recognized the teen offender without a doubt being with the guy who just steal the GPS carrier.

In flight the teenager fired the GPS, the same not being recovered, only thirty dollars were recovered and handed over to Bruno. View of the facts the police authority has determined the transcription of the arrest of offending adolescent. Nothing more.

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