sexta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2011


Incidents recorded
by police Valdemir Mota de Menezes (year 2012, janvier)

Join us this duty military police officer Schiavolin RE 138827-4 stating that it was triggered by passers-by in possession of a bag, which had been found abandoned on public roads. In this call the police found the owner of the bag that came to record the occurrence of theft. According to the victim, it was inside his vehicle in the passenger seat, with her husband and toward her son in the backseat, when three people, apparently reached 12 to 13 years, one of them with guns, beating on the glass the car, ordered Jose Roberto, husband of Geovania deliver the alliance, as well as Geovania gave his covenant which also featured on the finger, the more the bag. Then, the band escaped by bike towards Bitaru. The bag was recovered by the military police, but missing inside: 2 phones (a Nokia and an MP9), and ten reais.Bolsa handed the victim with documents. Victim-oriented look at photo albums of this station. nothing else

This occurrence
was recorded by the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Join us this duty police victims, stating that passing cars at the scene, when he had to slow down due to a speed reducer (spine) and right now, about four individuals approached the car, which stopped on the side of driver was armed and surrendered the victims. The robbers demanded purses, cell phones and alliance. The Valdemar gave inside wallet containing ID, credit cards, CNH, Voter Registration, Social Security number. Adriana, who was in the passenger seat handed his wallet which contained credit cards, CNH, and twenty dollars. Then the gang fled to an alley. Victims told to examine the photographic albums of the police station 2 S Vicente. Nothing more.

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