terça-feira, 13 de agosto de 2013


Text Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Attends military policeman identified above stating that it was triggered via RADIO to meet individual shot in the occurrence of public highway at Rua Tiradentes, 236, Bitaru. Arriving on site met the defendant held by popular and the victim, realizing immediately that the accused was not shot, but was beaten by popular revolt with the thief. In contact with the victim, Mr. Mark, it was claimed that the semaphore Captain Luiz Pimenta Street at the intersection with street student when indicted for possession of an imitation firearm, touched the victim's car and placed the gun in the neck and then subtracted a mobile device and a front stereo automotive. Then the accused fled on foot. The victim chased and about five hundred meters further warned that popular had been the victim of theft by one individual, the people joined and dominated the indictment, finding him the stolen goods, and three knives and an imitation firearm used to commit the crime. The indictment was rescued to the City Hospital where he was treated and released. Victim had returned their objects, and Paulo Borges was booked for robbery, and then forwarded to the local jail. Nothing more.

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