sábado, 28 de abril de 2012


Attends the military police stating that the Central Military Police Radio receives complains that the place had an abandoned vehicle for about two days. When approaching the scene found the vehicle parked in performing research and heard that it was actually the product of theft, as BO 2209/XX of 1 SD in S Vicente. nothing else
(Fact recorded by Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

Occurrence recorded by Scribe Valdemir
Attends military police stating that Persia was triggered via radio to meet the occurrence of theft, because a woman had her car stolen in place of facts. In patrolling the neighborhood, managed to find success in the vehicle in a state of neglect in Two Street, opposite the number 9, 70 in Mexico. In contact with the victim in this precinct, it was found that nothing had been subtracted from the belongings of the victim and the vehicle was intact. Nothing more.

Attends Military Officer Robson stating that it was driven via Copom realizing that there was an abandoned vehicle in place of facts. There he found an Apollo board BTT 2681 / S Bernardo do Campo, and consisted in performing research that the vehicle was the product of theft in Cubatão on 17/06/2012, as police reports of police headquarters Cubatão. Vehicle seized in the city patio. nothing else

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