terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2012


On the facts was making deliveries Postal Company, in the neighborhood of Humaita, when the Street Singer Jose, 369 - was approached by a gentleman, who now knows to call José Francisco de Queiros and that this hand on the waist, making mention to be armed, demanded the declarant to obey him, he warned that he had accomplices, the declarant looked around and saw a black on the other side of the street, tall and strong and well-belly, looking 35 years and this man did act the declarant to be quiet. That the Joseph Francisco told the declarant driving the van to go to the Post Office in Av B Humaita. There, the declarant was placed on the back of the van, and soon Joseph comparsa "nigger" began to scour the merchandise. Then they went to another location on Avenue C. That the Joseph called another person by cell phone and immediately went to the Fifty Street. Fifty in the street, and someone said to Joseph to take the car away from the Post Office because it would give "dirt". He was soon to Seventeen Street, Continental Park. Once stopped, came a black Escort, plates unannotated and soon the band started to remove the objects and goods would be delivered to customers. Almost all the time the declarant was kept upside down when the vehicle stopped. That did not take anything personal of the declarant, and soon they left the declarant called the Military Police and addressed to the Police station. This act made ​​the photographic recognition of Joseph Francis. This precinct also observed Photo Stiven de Jesus Silva, who also was caught red-handed, but is unable to recognize with certainty its involvement in the robbery. Especially because there were two more people in the theft, and Jose Francisco. There was a third individual who was driving the Escort. This act has also been delivered and that the stolen goods were recovered at the home of Stiven of Jesus. (if registered by Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes)

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