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 Fact recorded by Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe

The present police investigation was initiated by executive order to establish the crime of embezzlement, as contained in the record that on January 26, 2010 the 11hs21min on E Street, number 28, in Rio Negro, in this city. Simone Frances de Lima Horta received notification of omni card debt of R $ 572.00, and the same has not requested such a card. Extract of the debt with the Administrator of Credit Cards (pgs 5-6).

The research report points to the person who used the card as being a Such Augusto, explaining that the victim had handed over their documents to this person. The dealer where the purchases were made, told investigators that Augusto was in his trade together with Simone (pgs 7-8). The victim describes how she was seduced by the swindler to give the data in your document (pgs 15-17).

Police attempted to instruct the merchant named Edilson dos Santos, but it had already sold the trade (28 pgs). The police tried to get the data qualifiers of Augustus, but was unsuccessful (pgs 7-8) Therefore, I submit the present case the high appreciation of Your Excellency for the appropriate action.

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