quinta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2012


Accused of theft by Sabesp (water company) testifying to the Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Denies having committed the crime of theft. The interrogated before he seized the meter paid about thirty actual monthly bill, and even after the hydrometer seized the account value and water consumption at his residence remains the same. The interrogation would not commit theft to save pennies. On March 20 this year, was asked what he called the police against Sabesp, for believe that their right was being violated. The questioned still claims that there was no hole or piece of wire in hygrometer. The house to question him until the police station, the hydrometer came in the car Sabesp. At the police station officials were asked if they Sabesp took photo with the hydrometer in the house and locking the wire turning, but the officials claimed that they forgot to take the picture. If the hydrometer later appeared bored, because they were stuck on the way to the station because the hydrometer came in the car Sabesp. This act is gathered from water bills to prove their low power consumption, because the property is the residence of the questioned ..

That the deponent is informed that it was driven via Copom to meet occurrence of contention between officials of Sabesp, and a resident of a listing, where Sabesp would replace the meter, but the occupant of the house was refusing to let the employees take the hydrometer . With the presence of police, the device was removed and the case presented by the staff at the station. According to officials of Sabesp, before the police arrived, the resident of the house, removed the hygrometer and interior of this unit, took a wire that prevented the registration of water consumption, and replaced the hygrometer on the easel, all before reaching the deponent .

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